Vertical Tasting Trio - B2 Bomber 13+14+14

Vertical Tasting Trio - B2 Bomber 13+14+14

In 2024, we're proud to celebrate 19 years of brewing in Beechworth.
Introducing Mach 14.0, our anniversary ale. A blend of classic B2 elements with the addition of THIOLISATION. This process unlocks hidden compounds called thiols, elevating the hop and malt profiles and turning the flavour up to… 14! It’s a beer that truly merits celebration.

Vertical Tasting Trio / Limited to 50 Packs

Mach 14.0 can be immediately enjoyed but will continue to enhance with age. In this pack we’re pairing two bottles of fresh Mach 14 alongside a 1-year cellared Mach 13. The perfect vertical tasting combo to enjoy both fresh and cellared versions, whilst aging another for that future special occasion.

Just 50 bottles remain of the 18th anniversary Mach 13. Offered exclusively with these limited trio packs, your last chance to own this release before it is gone for good. 

The pack includes:

  • 2 x 750ml B2 Bomber Mach 14
  • 1 x 750ml B2 Bomber Mach 13 (cellared for 12 months)
  • All contents exquisitely gift boxed
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