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Bridge Road Brewers- Its a Beechworth thing

Conceived by Ben Kraus in 2004/05, in his dad's back shed, Bridge Road Brewers has grown to one of the most recognized craft breweries in the country. Check out the huge range of regular, specialseasonal beers, which can be ordered to your door.

Regarded as one of the Australia's benchmark craft beer producers, Bridge Road Brewers, located in picture perfect Beechworth is also open to the public. This brewery offers the complete craft beer experience to it's visitors. Along with the brewery, located in a 150 year old coach house ,you will also find our renowned pizza restaurant, a ten tap tasting bar and large family friendly beer garden.

"Bridge Road is one Australian brewery that continues to push the boundaries in terms of unique and crafted ales while refining its nationally distributed range of ‘what you’d expect from a craft brewer’ bottled beers"... Read More

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