Thirstier Subscription - Special Edition
Every 2 months

Thirstier Subscription - Special Edition

Posse Thirstier
As a thirstier member you will receive a case a of 24 Bridge Road Beers specially selected to match the season, every second month.

This pack is a special edition - featuring the recent release of Mayday Hills Mandarine.
  • 6 x Posse Spring - Hazy IPA
  • 12 x Beechworth Pale Ale
  • 6 x Mayday Hills - Mandarine

Spring Posse - DDH Hazy IPA, utilises new world Aussie hops grown just a stones throw from the brewery. These hops are combined with a hazy, milky yellow coloured beer synonymous with the NEIPA style. The haze is stable and packed full of hop flavour and aroma.

Beechworth Pale Ale, brimming with hop aroma and flavour, it strikes a perfect balance between hops and malt. Lower bitterness and a clean finish.

Mayday Hills, mandarine is a light, bright and dry with a subtle funk, Mayday Mandarin is the ideal accompaniment to the emerging season.

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