Thirstier Subscription - LIMITED Can Box
Every 2 months

Thirstier Subscription - LIMITED Can Box

Posse Thirstier
As a thirstier member you will receive a case of 20 Bridge Road Beers specially selected to match the season, Every second month.

Please note:
Shipping in April 2021.
You will be charged $75 today (+ shipping).
Then you will be charged on the 5th of each shipment month.

This curated case features our exclusive yet to be released Sour + our new release of NEeD Series 440ml IPA - Vol 3, as well as our harvest releases.

  • 2 x NEedD IPA - Vol 3. - 440ml
  • 2 x Hazy Harvest - 440ml
  • 2 x Dark Harvest - 440ml
  • 4 x Yet to be released Sour - 355ml
  • 4 x Outsider Lager - 355ml
  • 6 x Beechworth Pale Ale - 355ml

The NEeD Series represents our ongoing exploration of the IPA. Whether we're experimenting with new world hops, haze, adjuncts or IBU, these are freeform interpretations of the modern style.

HAZY HARVEST - Fresh Hop IPA is made for our annual harvest festival, The High Country Hop, this hazy IPA is bursting with the unique flavours of freshly harvested hops from our ‘neighbours' at Rostrevor hop garden.

The 2021 vintage uses fresh Galaxy hop cones, picked and added to the beer within 6 hours.

DARK HARVEST - Mikkeller - Fresh Hop Black IPA
In Autumn 2012, we invited Mikkel Borg Bjergsø of Mikkeller to Beechworth.

Together we made ‘The Dark Harvest’. We now brew this beer annually for our harvest festival, High Country Hops.

This IPA combines a complex and savoury malt bill with the unique flavours of freshly harvested hops from our ‘neighbour’s at Rostrevor hop garden.

Outsider Lager is our locally-inspired take on this most classic of styles, made with the finest Australian-grown malts and a delicate combination of local and noble hops. In the brewhouse, we slow down and embrace the art of the lager pioneers, working hard to keep it simple.

The result : A supremely-drinkable beer. Best enjoyed outside, naturally.

Beechworth Pale Ale, brimming with hop aroma and flavour, it strikes a perfect balance between hops and malt. Lower bitterness and a clean finish.

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