Gold Subscription - Can Box
Every 3 months

Gold Subscription - Can Box

Posse Gold
As a gold member you will receive a case of 22 Bridge Road Beers specially selected to match the season, Every quarter.
You will be charged $75 today (+ shipping).
Then on the 5th of each shipment month.

This curated case features our exclusive Nitro Magical Christmas Unicorn + our new release of NEed Series 440ml IPA.
  • 2 x NEed IPA - Vol 1.
  • 4 x Nitro Magical Christmas Unicorn
  • 8 x Beechworth Pale Ale
  • 8 x Bling IPA

The NEeD Series represents our ongoing exploration of the IPA. Whether we're experimenting with new world hops, haze, adjuncts or IBU, these are freeform interpretations of the modern style.

Nitro Magical Christmas Unicorn, was inspired by the magical pillars of the universe; unicorns, Christmas and ice-cream, we bring you the element that binds them all, beer! We hope you enjoy this lush, vanilla ice cream ale as much as we did dreaming it up. Hoppy Christmas, Bridge Road Brewers.

Beechworth Pale Ale, brimming with hop aroma and flavour, it strikes a perfect balance between hops and malt. Lower bitterness and a clean finish.

Bling IPA, is a super balanced beer inspired by British tradition - Bling’s iconic red hue comes courtesy of lashings of rich Vienna malts which are artfully balanced with a firm hop bitterness.

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