May 2018 Gold Posse

May 2018 Gold Posse

Please use this form to update your May 2018 Gold Posse pack including PIMP options!

Default pack will contain:

20 core bottles:

9 x Winter Posse
2 x Celtic Red Ale
2 x Robust Porter
3 x Fresh Harvest
3 x Dark Harvest
1 x Bling De Wildes

and default 4 preference beers:

2 x Autumn Posse and 2 x Little Bling bottles

Pimp options are:

Pimp 1 - Mayday Hills Grapes edition 4pk - $20.70
Pimp 2 - Harvest 6pk mixed $31.50 ($34.50 RRP)
Pimp 3 - Bling de Wildes 4pk $27 ($30 RRP)

Tell us of any changes before Friday 4 May 5pm to make sure we can include your choices!

(give us a call on 0357282703 option 1 after the weekend and we will try to do some magic if we can)

*** payments will start to be processed from 5 May and shipping will start from 15 May***

For a speedier Posse!

We will start packing on 5 April and aim for all shipment to have left the brewery by 15 April. For a speedier delivery, please make sure your address and payment details are up to date, and let us know about any changes by 4 April 2018.

All about you!

So that we know who to apply these changes too!

Want to change some of the preferences beer? Look no further.

Pop to our website and make sure your preference beer are in stock. Remember - total case is 24 bottles! 18 core and 6 preferences.

Want some PIMP options? we got it covered here.

Anything else - tell us here!