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In the centre of Beechworth sits the impressive old Tanswell’s Commercial Hotel. The brick building was built in the heady days of Victoria’s gold rush to replace the earlier wooden building. A brick coach house and stable built in 1859 to service the original building still stands at the rear. Walking down a covered laneway […]

Eat, Drink, Stagger

We live in Melbourne and love to do all of the above A beery weekend begins. Those wonderful but mad folks at The Local Taphouse in St Kilda decided to organise a road trip. Wonderful because they were going to hire mini-buses to transport those who were interested. Mad because that meant at least three […]

Gastrology – The study of food and wine consumption

Bridge Road Brewers have gained a cult following in recent times. Their beers have been appearing in pubs that stock beer from craft breweries of late. I have noticed their appearance at The Royston and Purvis (a beer store in Richmond) which is how R, J and I came to know of its existence…